Thursday, 17 May 2018

mrs moala and miss west's experement

This week mrs Moala and miss west made a movie about a experiment and it was about which ball will hit the ground first. I already know that the big ball has more air then the little ball because the little ball is little so it has not so much air in it. Also the big ball is big so it has more air in it. And the force of the ball makes it go up and down.

What if you tape a another little ball on the little ball so it can have more air and bounce on the ground first. But also if you get the same two balls and but them at the same height drop them at the same time the big ball will came first.this is how you do the experiment first you get a friend and two balls little one and big one also two chairs. Hold out the two balls at the same height on the chairs then drop them at the same time, and lucky last do it again.

Like what I said before the little ball has less air and weight so it can fall faster the big ball has more air and more weight so it can fall slower but the little ball will win anyways. The little ball can also bounce more higher and the big one bounce not so high.

next mrs moala dropped the balls at the same time and both of them hit the ground at the same time because mrs moala is a human and she probably didn’t have the balls at the same height.

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