Monday, 18 June 2018

Maths Survey Term 2

today we had to do a test but the hard ones I had to skip because it was a test.

Serious Circus Sums

this is my task it was a little bit confusing but easy it was fun to we are learning about time tables 

                                                                 HOPE YOU LIKE.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Matariki Day Recount

Last week on friday it was a normal morning with the assembly. Mr brut said something about Matariki that felt important to everyone. He said said that the people that pass there is people still coming that was important to some the morning when everyone was in there class getting ready to go to there activity for the day I was really nervous. I was doing arts and crafts in room 7 and 8.

We got to have a big assembly split in too. We only have that for the end of the term.

That was cool but we had to sit there before we got to go back to class and go to wherever we're going.there was the little kapa haka group and they sang a so good it was amazing. After that Mr Brut talked a little bit more about Matariki. Then there was the middle school kapa haka group I was in that group we did good we did amazing like the middle school group. The senior kapa haka group went after Mr Brut talked a bit more.

Miss Moran and Miss Parent were our teacher for the day we are doing arts and crafts.We had to wait for a little while then miss parent did the roll. After the roll I was so excited to get straight into arts and crafts because I love arts and crafts.

Miss moran told us what our first crafts was and it was a Matariki star. We had to get a little squared cardboard. After that we get a container and put it on the cardboard draw a circle. Then cut it out and use a pencil to draw twelve lines on the circle when you have done then cut the lines. Then after that we got some wool then threaded through the cut lines once your finished it will look like a star at the back.

Arts and crafts was so fun I can’t wait until the next matariki fun day I loved it. It was so fun because we got to do lots of things and get to make lots of stuff.

Manu Tukutuku follow up task

  this is my cross word and I did it my self I asked Simon to do my cross word and he said that it was a bit hard that is good.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Manu Tukutuku

this is my reading follow up task and I had to answer lots of Questions and got to draw a picture too.

                                                            HOPE YOU LIKE IT     

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Tunguska create task

this is my Mystery of Tunguska, task I had to make a video about how I thought what happened and put it in my own words and made a video. ENJOY 

my writing

Today we had to show what we can write when we have 40 min to write without talking to others.we were able to work quietly to complete the task.

Once a upon a time there was a farmer he had eight animals.He named them spirit the Donkey, Checalinda the cow, Lucky the bee,Snowball the rabbit,Hannah the first ruster,Angla the second rooster and last but not lest Moala and West the birds. One day Dave the farmer guy, he got an invitation to a animals party on wednesday, it was at the top of the sky tower in town. Dave packed his stuff and got everything he needs for all his animals, he was so excited so were the animals.

Spirit was not that happy like everyone else he wa happy inside thow. When Dave was driving on the way to town they were not the far from town it’s only a ten minute drive, from the farm. Suddenly they ran out of GAS!!! of course that Dave had an idea but it was a boring they had to walk they were almost there but they all got lost.Dave had to run as fast as he could to go back to the car and grab the map to where they are going. All the animals were so angry at Dave the to birds were flying around, the roosters were making a hole lot of noises, and snowball was bouncing around the rest of the animal were just sitting there. Finally Dave was back they all got there ten minutes before the party started but they all still had fun they we so tired but they got a ride home.