Wednesday, 5 July 2017

helping people

this week we have been learning how to help people so you can tell me if I made a mistake and comment. HOPE YOU ARE HAVING A COOL MATARIKI.

my kite work.

I read two story's and the first one was the read and it was called Hokianga kite man. The last one was a cool and it was called Festival. It was fun hope like it.


This week I have been learning about MATARIKI. I learnt that it is bad Luke if you cant see the seven sisters and I hope you like my work.

Monday, 3 July 2017


This year we were making a Animation about Tamarereti like a maori meth hope you enjoyed.

Friday, 30 June 2017

what to do some bombs

Riding up to the old man Tom took of his t-shirt and said’’Let's do some bombs. So he pulled up his pants and said’’ Yeeeeeeeee Yaaaaaaaa’’ and made an echo then jumped off the rocky cliff and did a big splash. When he did that big splash he made the old man drop his ice-cream.  

Beside the old man was Tom sitting on a rock and then he said’’ go and do a bomb’’ the man said’’ No thanks I am too old for that’’ “My Nan can do a bigger bomb than all of us.’’ The man got angry and and said  “YOU WANT A BOMB I WILL SHOW YOU A BOMB.’’

Powerfully god jumped into the water and did a back flip and splashed in the water and he flipped and came back up to the rock and made a earthquake when he landed.  ***Tom said  “Your god.’Yes I am god” Tom was like wow that is so cool’ “Yes I am, do you want the ice-cream with the sprinkles and the chocolate flake?” “Hoooooooooo ya lets do that.’’    

Thursday, 15 June 2017

kite Day

Frist of all we had to fold the paper in half long ways, and then you get the straw that is going long ways and line it up with the folded paper, when you have done that you put your finger were the straw was and fold in then cut it off just like that. Meanwhile we have to fold it like you are making a airplane but do it on both ends cut both of them off that will make a diamond.we will have some tap and tap the straw along the kite and when you done that you get another straw and tap that on and the but this might be a little bit better if I tall you this the straw going long ways the ends have to be facing up and down. After we have to decorate the kit then put a hole and the bottom and thread the string through the hole and then have fun on a windy day to fly your own kite.