Friday, 27 October 2017


Good morning have you ever gone outside at your school just to have a run around the field?. Well my class have we just did it this morning so we lined up outside in two lines boy and girl and we sneak fully and silently walked to the side of the field near the race lines. We sat down on the concrete.

half of the girl's stood up and lined up to race and I was in the race I had butterflies in my tummy. When mr moran used this snappy thingy so they can run they all run in a hurry and the top four had to stay with miss moala. Then the rest of the girls lined up to race then mr moran with his crocodile mouth went TING,TING,TING,TING,TING and then the girl’s ran then miss moala picked the top four.

After the girl’s ran the boys ran but all of the boys ran. Mr moran with his crocodile mouth the boys went fast then miss. Moala picked the top four.

Top four boy’s and girl’s race each other and then they were like steaming they were run so fast as fast as fast could be. Mr moran said “pick four people “ so Miss.moala did and they had to race again.

After that mr moran said “you are not sprinting you are doing a crab race” everybody was like hah . They did not now what crab racing was you have to lay on your back and use your hands and feet to move so mr moran was like “ I am going to do it with you.” but when the crocodile mouth went CRUNCH mr moran did not win John did but it was sooooooooo funny.  

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Reading Summery part 1

Today I read a book called Ella and Olivia Netball Fever. Ella and Olivia are sisters Ella is seven Olivia is five in a half. they have a little brother called Max he is nearly two years old, Max Olivia and Ella all look the same all of them have freckles and brown hair. Ella dose Netball she is the goal shooter they got in the semi-finals Ella shoots and before the umpire blows the whistle THEY WON.!! The girls had to shake the other teams hand then they did a cheer Ella's team is called Ripper Rangers the Rangers clap the other team as they leave the court.  THAT IS ALL FOR ME TODAY. 

Friday, 20 October 2017

Niue Assembly

Today this morning me and some of the pav were in the Niue group and we preformed. There was some people that did some speeches and then the girls did a dance about a lemon because in Niue sepolo means lemon. After the girls the boys did a Haka and then we were finished.    

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

OMG tech

Today I went to creative space and there was this man from OMG tech and we made these torches and it is like a crocodile mouth put it is super cool. we made noises with play and that was sooo cool.                                    

                                                HOPE YOU LIKED IT 

Immersion Assembly

On one sunny beautiful morning, after all the fun from the holidays we went back to school. And when I got there I saw all of my friends but we didn't have enough time to play, because the pav was already lining up. Once we got to the hall we sat down and we sat up so we could get stickers, people were  laughing because the teachers were dressed up that was funny. Suddenly MR. Burt and some other teachers started singing and it was about our theme this term MUSICAL MADNESS after the song Mr Burt was talking and talking and then we got started with team 1.

Team 1 they didn’t make a movie they played SNAP but the weird thing was they put on different music and they had different feelings, so what they were doing this term was how different music can connect with your feelings. After that Mr. Brut Yelled NOW IT IS TIME FOR TEAM 2 then team to started they sang a song buuut I don’t think you will no this song In the jungle the mighty jungle ,well for the truth I do not now what team 2 are doing .

team 3 made a video about a singing conversacion like really they were talking and using lyrics off songs. Team 4 made a funny video about singing in the car to make it funner in the car. Team 5 were sitting on the couch with a cup of popcorn and watched a movie called Lion king but they used different songs to make it scary and Funny.

The assembly was so fun and funny and a bit scary this term is going to be so fun.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017




                                                    HOPE YOU LIKE IT.