Wednesday, 4 July 2018

sky diving

On saturday the 13th of Aug I went skydiving. I went to the SkyDiving stadium, when I was driving there with my friends I felt like this was going to be so fun. When I got there I still felt like it was going to be fun but then. It was a bit scary when I went in the plane I thought that it wasn’t going to be that high but then I was wrong. Then when we were ready to jump of the plane I was terrified but then once I went to the door I was so so so so so so scared like it looked cool when I was on the ground watching other people do it but me up in the sky flying of a plane at 33,000 feet.

Then I just jumped but first I closed my eyes and Imagined that I was falling into a marshmallow pit. Once I opened my eyes it was not that terrifying anymore the Parachute gave me a big fright thought. Then after that I loved it it was like going through candy land with all the candy floss as the, clouds when the smoke came out of the bottom of my shoe it gave me lots of thrust to get to where I was trying to go.

After all that I was so thankful that I did that because I am so scared of heights so that was very very very scary had I hope I don’t have to do that again.

Glider competition


We created gliders to do a competition. we had to make a glider to hold a lego man in or on it . This is all about what happened at the glider competition.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018



this my task and it was very hard at first but then I got the hay of it. :)

Monday, 2 July 2018

the day at the team 5 block.

today after morning tea I went to team 5 they were doing experiments. We had to go in 4 groups and go with one of the year 7 and 8 the four people in my group was me,Sauma,Zyla, and Luisa.first we all went to a table we had to build the tallest tower we can make less than on min. After that we went to the green room then they were to busy playing around that we didn't get to do that one. Then we had to go back to our class and do some more work, but that was fun even when we only did one I hope we do this again.  

Friday, 29 June 2018

DMIC problrm

this is my screencastify and this is my DMIC problem so hope you like it.

Friday, 22 June 2018

DMIC problem

this is my DMIC problem and I will tell you how I answer my problem. 

Thursday, 21 June 2018

voice over writing

Hi my name is Aaliyah. This is my animation and I am going to be showing you about forces and flight. The ball doesn't move on its own. Your energy makes it move then the ball goes far away. If you use less energy the ball will not go that far. While the ball is flying in the sky it means that gravity isn’t pulling the ball downwards. Gravity and the weight of the ball makes it act downward. Drag is the air acting in the opposite direction of the movement of an object. The thrust of the ball is the racket pushing the ball forward. The gravity makes things stay on the ground, and if there was no gravity acting on the earth then we would be floating. Hope you enjoyed it and please leave a comment.  

The Glider design

                         this is my glider and i will be able to get all the stuff that I need to make it.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

forces and flight animtion

This is my animation and I will be talking forces and flight.

The Mechanics of Movement

this is my reading I had to read a book and then find the answer to these questions in the book. hope I did good. 

Monday, 18 June 2018

Maths Survey Term 2

today we had to do a test but the hard ones I had to skip because it was a test.

Serious Circus Sums

this is my task it was a little bit confusing but easy it was fun to we are learning about time tables 

                                                                 HOPE YOU LIKE.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Matariki Day Recount

Last week on friday it was a normal morning with the assembly. Mr brut said something about Matariki that felt important to everyone. He said said that the people that pass there is people still coming that was important to some the morning when everyone was in there class getting ready to go to there activity for the day I was really nervous. I was doing arts and crafts in room 7 and 8.

We got to have a big assembly split in too. We only have that for the end of the term.

That was cool but we had to sit there before we got to go back to class and go to wherever we're going.there was the little kapa haka group and they sang a so good it was amazing. After that Mr Brut talked a little bit more about Matariki. Then there was the middle school kapa haka group I was in that group we did good we did amazing like the middle school group. The senior kapa haka group went after Mr Brut talked a bit more.

Miss Moran and Miss Parent were our teacher for the day we are doing arts and crafts.We had to wait for a little while then miss parent did the roll. After the roll I was so excited to get straight into arts and crafts because I love arts and crafts.

Miss moran told us what our first crafts was and it was a Matariki star. We had to get a little squared cardboard. After that we get a container and put it on the cardboard draw a circle. Then cut it out and use a pencil to draw twelve lines on the circle when you have done then cut the lines. Then after that we got some wool then threaded through the cut lines once your finished it will look like a star at the back.

Arts and crafts was so fun I can’t wait until the next matariki fun day I loved it. It was so fun because we got to do lots of things and get to make lots of stuff.

Manu Tukutuku follow up task

  this is my cross word and I did it my self I asked Simon to do my cross word and he said that it was a bit hard that is good.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Manu Tukutuku

this is my reading follow up task and I had to answer lots of Questions and got to draw a picture too.

                                                            HOPE YOU LIKE IT     

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Tunguska create task

this is my Mystery of Tunguska, task I had to make a video about how I thought what happened and put it in my own words and made a video. ENJOY 

my writing

Today we had to show what we can write when we have 40 min to write without talking to others.we were able to work quietly to complete the task.

Once a upon a time there was a farmer he had eight animals.He named them spirit the Donkey, Checalinda the cow, Lucky the bee,Snowball the rabbit,Hannah the first ruster,Angla the second rooster and last but not lest Moala and West the birds. One day Dave the farmer guy, he got an invitation to a animals party on wednesday, it was at the top of the sky tower in town. Dave packed his stuff and got everything he needs for all his animals, he was so excited so were the animals.

Spirit was not that happy like everyone else he wa happy inside thow. When Dave was driving on the way to town they were not the far from town it’s only a ten minute drive, from the farm. Suddenly they ran out of GAS!!! of course that Dave had an idea but it was a boring they had to walk they were almost there but they all got lost.Dave had to run as fast as he could to go back to the car and grab the map to where they are going. All the animals were so angry at Dave the to birds were flying around, the roosters were making a hole lot of noises, and snowball was bouncing around the rest of the animal were just sitting there. Finally Dave was back they all got there ten minutes before the party started but they all still had fun they we so tired but they got a ride home.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

The great airship craze of 1909


this is my airship video I was pretending to be one of the kids that got to see a airship the first time.


Friday, 1 June 2018

party to the max A two

 this is my maths I had to do a question and ask someone to work it out and this is what I did. 

The macaroni forest

 this is my reading activity and it is about a macaroni forest ENJOY.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Monday, 28 May 2018

2018 choose it narrative

This week on Saturday Dorothy is going to go on a hot air balloon she is so excited. Dorothy woke up early in the morning because it was that day she is going on a hot air balloon. Dorothy had everything packed for her trip. She was so happy that she was going on a hot air balloon but when she was on the hot air balloon and it lifted it of the ground. Dorothy just remembered she doesn't know how to put it down on the ground again.

When Dorothy was up in the sky she was so scared, but she thought about some happy thoughts. Dorothy knew that she was going to figure this out by herself her dad said to came home before dark .so she knew she didn’t have enough time so she was eating and thinking. Dorothy was scared it was almost dark she just thought that the balloons will pop but then she remembered that the balloons are helium they don’t pop. They only pop if you pop them so she remember through her food and all her stuff then she finally found a needle. Dorothy was popping the balloons one by one so she doesn't go down really really fast.

Suddenly the gravity was pulling the hot air balloon down to the ground. But the only thing was she did not land on her back yard. She landed at Henderson park luckily her house wasn’t to far away her dad was so worried, that she was never going to come back. But she came back of course she was so happy that she was back home also Dorothy's dad was to. The End!!!  

Friday, 25 May 2018

Tautai book

This is my reading and I read a book and I had to write Sam back.We had to draw a plane and label it so enjoy.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

cooking up a storm

this is my cooking up a storm Activity  and it was confusing but I ask a teacher and it helped me so thank you and enjoy.

(Miss West's and Mrs Moala's Experiment) Scientific Method



This week mrs Moala and miss west made a movie about a experiment and it was about which ball will hit the ground first. I already know that the big ball has more air then the little ball because the little ball is little so it has not so much air in it. Also the big ball is big so it has more air in it. And the force of the ball makes it go up and down.

What if you tape a another little ball on the little ball so it can have more air and bounce on the ground first. But also if you get the same two balls and but them at the same height drop them at the same time the big ball will came first.this is how you do the experiment first you get a friend and two balls little one and big one also two chairs. Hold out the two balls at the same height on the chairs then drop them at the same time, and lucky last do it again.

This is how you do the experiment first you get two balls one one big and one small. Then you get a friend and stand on a chair. After that hold out the balls at the same height then drop them and repeat it.

Like what I said before the little ball has less air and weight so it can fall faster the big ball has more air and more weight so it can fall slower but the little ball will win anyways. The little ball can also bounce more higher and the big one bounce not so high.

next mrs moala dropped the balls at the same time and both of them hit the ground at the same time because mrs moala is a human and she probably didn’t have the balls at the same height.

Monday, 21 May 2018


Today I did Tihi Mai Tuhi Atu blogs and this is all my comment on there blog.

Friday, 18 May 2018

the Mystery of Tunguska

     this is my reading task and it was hard but this is all the inferring I got.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Scientific method

   this is my scientific method and this is what I learnt.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Friday, 11 May 2018

Choice squares

   this is my choice squares Activity I got three activity's and they are right here ENJOY. 

Fia Fia writing

Last trem there was Fia Fia but unfortunately some people didn’t get to see some of the other Performances but that is ok. On the side of the stage I was so nervous and scared I was also freezing like a popsicle. I love backstage because It is so fun and nobody can see you well until you go on stage.

On the side when the hip hop group was called I was so so so so so scared to go up there but I had to do it anyways.when we started to dance I still had a funky tummy by the second song I felt fine sooooooooooo fine that is way I was so excited for the last song. It was so fun to dance to it is really catchy.

At last it was finished but when I came of the stage I felt like doing it again. Because it felt soooooooooooooo short because when we were practicing we had to do it over and over and over again we did it once and it felt short but for three songs it felt short. Also the they was that we had fun and we danced CRAZY we didn’t get to see some of the dancing because it started raining.   

create task

this is my create task and this is what I have learnt. 

vocabulary task

this is what I have learnt this week and this is what I now.

Immersion Assembly

Today was the first day of term 2 at Pt england school. We went to the hall for Immersion Assembly with the all the teachers and all the students,at 9.o'clock in the morning. Immersion Assembly is when all the friends and teachers can say “Hi”, also mr Burt can see all of us. Also Immersion Assembly is for like what we are all doing this term. Like team 1,2,3,4,and 5 can find out what they are going to be learning this term.

First of all Mr Burt Announced team 1, Then a movie started playing. After the movie Mrs Hockly came out and started to talk she said “ this is team team 1 is going to be learning how to move big and heavy objects, with different things.” At last it was time for team 2 Instead of a movie they did a act, after there funny act mrs Gaston said.” This term team 2 is going to learn how to move things by different ways, like pushing and pulling” we all had a laugh then it was time for team 3. They made a funny and cool movie they were swinging and and going down the slide.Miss King came up and she said “ this trem team 3 is learning how the body moves in different ways.”

Later on it was time for team 4 that is my team the video came on and after the video Mr Goodwin started to talk. “ This trem team 4 is going to be learning how to make things fly in the sky, and this is going to be what is going to happen.” they made a flying thing they Launched it of the stage but it didn’t make it. Finally it was time for the last team team 5 they did tug -of - war it was funny. They are going to be learning how to do difficult things..

In the end everyone was happy and full of laughter as they left the hall. It was so funny and fun. Thank you for reading my writing. And leave a comment please.

Friday, 4 May 2018

forces of flight

 this is the what we are doing for our animation everything is in here.

Thursday, 12 April 2018


  This is what I think about Respect

  What is
  1. Being kind to your family and friends.
  2. Helping your friends with there work.
  3. Play with someone that has no friend
  4. Picking up rubbish that is not yours.
  5. Listen to your teacher our parents.
  6. Respect your clothes and uniform.
  7. Respect other people.
  8. Respect other people’s property.
  9. If someone is sad be there friend.
  10. Never talk when the teacher is.
  11. If you see rubbish pick it up.
  12. Do not be a bully to anyone.
  13. Don’t be a bully be there friend.
  14. Do the right they at the right time.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

time capsule book review

Write a review of the first 2 chapters:

  • Who are the main characters?Sarah Mitchell, someone from the future.
  • Where is the story set? like a field and study.
  • Did the first 2 chapters 'grip' you and make you want to keep reading? yes.
  • What do you think is going to happen next in the story I do not know.

2 scanning task

 this is my finished scanning task before I showed you half of my scanning task. 

animation voice over

My name is Aaliyah this is my RESPECT animation the bell just went these four people are making a mess with there shoes and leaving it there like when they go to there Grandma's house. Now let me show you the right thing to do. Can you see that they are keeping the shoes nice and tidy so if someone walks in they won’t think that we are dont care about it. Thanks for watching my animation.  

Monday, 9 April 2018

magic number

today my magic number is 723 and I did this about in one min or less so hope you like it

Thursday, 5 April 2018


  • Who are the main characters? Jodie and Ben.
  • Where is the story set? at the canyon
  • Did the first 2 chapters 'grip' you and make you want to keep reading? Yes
  • What do you think is going to happen next in the story? that they are going to keep going back to the canyon and maybe find a hole dinosaur.

I read a book called Dinosaurs and I had to read these questions and answer them on my blog and then blog it.

what I think about Fia Fia

I think Fia Fia is about learning something new even when your not that cultrue. Fia Fia is about celebrating and enjoying your dance or your song.Fia Fia is about being proud of your culture and your dance and the other people that are dancing.I also think Fia Fia is about showing that you love your own cultrue. Fia Fia is traditional in some Islands.A celebration too be dancing,singing, and showing your love to your culture.

The Fia Fia padlet

this is a padlet and we are all showing our ideas about what Fia Fia is and this is all our ideas.  

letter to Mr Brut

this is my letter to Mr Brut about the picnic and it has all the Information in the slides so hope we get to go to the picnic.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

crazy compatibles

today I did a task and I had a little box on my computer of numbers and I had to get any number and plus it with another number but it has to equal 100    

our fun characters

today we got a character and my character is Mrs O.Dear and Simon my friend is my sister but he is a boy but he wanted to be a girl so that is the why it is my other friends are one of these to so that is what we are doing today.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Term 1 animation - Respect

This is my term 1 animation about respect. I hope you like it.

story art

this is my reading art  call it reading art because we have to read a book and then we have to draw about it can you see that I read a story in the woods.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

practice problem

this is my practice problem I did 55+55 and it equal's 110

reading task


this is my task I had to read two books and right down who was respectful in those two books and tell you why now see who was respectful.

Monday, 26 March 2018

number of the week

this is my number of the week my number is 546

30 min reading race

today room 10 did a silent activity but it wasn't that silent it was really loud and that is why I didn't get much done and we had 30 min to do it so hope I finish this and blog it again.

Friday, 23 March 2018

on the cards

this is my on the cards I got a number I did a line that means closest to the number that I put in front of the line. there is activity two writ grater than the number I wrote.


This is my poster about the environment and this is me and Simon's poster we created this together and we won't our clean ocean clean. so keep it clean for the people and the sea animals.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Friday, 16 March 2018

practice problem

this is my week 7 practice problem. 120+ 80 is my number for this week and the answer is 200                             

camp writing

Camp camp camp camp is so FUN. Last week the year 5 and 6’s went on camp. Guess what I am a year 5 so last week I went to camp. It was only for three days. Wednesday, thursday and friday but it was amazing. We all were in groups with names. Most of them were about recycling, like the Rapid Recyclers I was in that group. And Tumeke to clean, Trash Bashers, Pollution police, Green machines, Kleen krushers. Our names are so cool. First of we had a big tent called a Marquee.That's where we had breakfast, lunch, and Dinner. When we first got to school, I mean camp we all went to the Marquee.Mr Goodwin he told us what our first activity was.The Rapid recycler went to the Killer zone first I am in that group we were versing the Green machine. The killer zone is like a course with water balloons and stuff. We did the course we lost but that's ok we had fun all the groups went back to the marquee to have lunch.They didn’t make lunch we brought our lunch from home. After that we went to the hall there was ping pong tables and a basketball hoop we had fun. We all went back to the Marquee Mr. Goodwin said that we could go and play on the playground most of us played on the baby playground when my group got called we got called because we were going to the pools. To play and have a shower when we got back to the school, we just sat in the Marquee and had a talk to wait for our dinner. IT WAS NACHOS YAAAAAAAAY I love nachos by the way my mum them to so you can tell I ate that like I never eat before ( I have I was just kidding). After that we all got into our pj’s because we were going in some peoples class to watch a movie we watched captain underpants it is a cool movie to watch. Straight after the movie finished we went to our tent and went to sleep.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

my problem

this is what I did this week I write a problem and I worked it out to find the answer.

the answer is: 88

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Friday, 2 March 2018

Pictographs and Bar Graphs


Today I did a pictograph and a Bar Graph on my slides hope you like it and hope I did it well.!!!!!

writing race

Today was meant to be the day of the picnic. Sadly, it was raining today which meant we couldn't go! Miss West had packed her hat,sunblock and towel.Hopefully we will get to go to the picnic later in the term as it is nice to go swimming and enjoying the sun at our very own beach!

Today my literacy class played a little game. it was a cool game we all had a partner and we had to use one of our Chromebook me and Nina my partner chose to use my chrome book so Miss West wrote a story on the TV and she turned it around we had to go behind and look what it said and go back to the chrome book and write it down.   

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Friday, 23 February 2018

untie the human knot

This morning my class went outside to play a game called human knots. We all had to go back inside because the last three groups were being silly. We tried again then we got it. We walked silently. well, not really.Miss. West said “Go and see if Eva is in the toilet she is a girl in my class. Then I Sprinted all the back to the field and found my group we all put our hands up at, are you ready then at get set we all tangled our hands up, at go we tried to an tangle our hands without letting go my group let go we tried again and we tried and tried and we didn't get it. The next thing I we are lining up it’s just like that like you click your fingers and then your there we back to class and we did our work.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

magic number Wed 21 Feb

this is My magic number my number is 380 this is what I did with it.

about me

Hello, kia ora, talofa lava! My name is Aaliyah I am in year 5, my teachers are Miss. West and Mrs. Moala. My favourite thing to do is sports. I like to eat watermelon and bananas. I enjoy playing softball. My hobbies are playing on the trampoline and running around. I play two sorts of sports. One of them is league. My teachers are very loving and kind. I am lucky to have teachers like them. I am lucky to have a school like this one.

DMIC problem

today we did a DMIC problem hope I got it right

Te Tiriti o Waitangi

this is my Waitangi poster this is some thing as a poster I hope I got some good details about Waitangi.

the creek cleaning

On one shiny hot day simon told his mom that he was going down to the creek to tidy it up. So he went down on his baby blue BMX bike, he had all his cleaning supplies and his ice cold drink bottle.A few minutes later he was at the creek “this is a mess” said Simon so he got out his rubbish picker and started to pick.When he was finish picking he said” Ok I’m finish” so he walked past a big mess but he did not leave it there because he wants it to look beautiful.He went on cleaning we stopped for some breaks and a few hours later the creek was not so spotles because he still needed to scoop all the stuff out of the creek water. There are only two thing in the creek so simon scooped up that little ball and about ten thing came out of the creek so it took half an hour to finish but still he wasn't finish.Simon looked at his watch and said “I need to go back home and have lunch he got all of his supplies and heded of home.

Simon got home just in time his mom dad and sister all sat down and had lunch like a big happy family. They were all finish eating “ dad will you help me mow the lown” said simon “ why do you care so much about that creek ” said simon’s sister simon said “ because I can” “OK then” simons sister said, “ OK simon let's go ” said his dad. Simon and his dad went to the creek they went in the car because the lawn mower is to loud if they walked, a few minutes later they were creek they started to mow. It took one hour to mow the lawn but the creek was spotless they were soooo tired but simon did a great job on the creek Simon went home and went straight to sleep. He woke up in the morning had his breakfast and went down to the creek to see if it is still spotless but he found out who was tagging on the pip at the creek it was Zoe and Mel the twins they were just about to start but just then simon said a loving speech that made Mel and Zoe be goode so Mel Simon and Zoe were friends forever.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

R-E-S-P-E-C-T writing

R-E-S-P-E-C-T  find out what it means to me. I am going to tell you some ways to be respectful.Another ways is to tidy up in  your own time without a teacher telling you to do it. Only  when you are finish.Other ways is to NOT WALK PAST RUBBISH! if there is rubbish in front of you pick it up. Because that is being RESPECTFUL. And being RESPECTFUL to our environment, so our environment is nice and clean and it is being respected.   with everything or ,if it is at lunch when your eating, So your class is not messy, and yucky,It will be nice and tidy.Other ways is to NOT WALK PAST RUBBISH! if there is rubbish in front of you pick it up. Because that is being RESPECTFUL. And being RESPECTFUL to our environment, so our environment is nice and clean and it is being respected.Being RESPECTFUL is to help a teacher if they are holding books or something. Because that is being RESPECTFUL to your teacher and so they don't drop those books.Also something that is RESPECTFUL is to use your manners. For example if a teacher gives you something you say thank-you and then there name. It doesn't have to be a teacher it can be your friend or someone in your family.   

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

maths problems

Today we have been writing in our books then we had to do this. We got to pick a question and grab a tens ones or hundreds. I grabbed tens and ones I put three tens in the first box then I put one ones after that I put six tens and three ones to make 63 then I put them all together and I came up with the answer 94.

Friday, 9 February 2018


 this week we had to do a peregrination about 2018,
 and answer some questions.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

cat clocks

 this week we are learning to tell our time and this is how I am doing hope I am doing good.

term 1 2018 team 4 Animation RESPECT

today we are starting to start our animation this term and this is what I will be doing.

Monday, 5 February 2018



this week we have been learning how to tell time we learnt to write it digital and written form I wonder what we are going to do next.