Tuesday, 18 September 2018

vocab task wk 9 trem 3

        hello this is my vocab task and I think I did this one good now I have the hang of it. it was cool and my story is called hip hop moves. HOPE YOU HAVE A NICE RESTED OF YOUR DAY. 

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Making up our own sport


This is what you need to do this game Balloons, stack of cups, Racket, tennis ball, a roll of string and five handballs.

You have to play this game outside on a field

There are going to be two people competing but one person doing the game at a time

This game is a Competition game because there are going to be two people competing but there is going to be a timer to see how much time you do until you reach the finish.

1. First you have to cut some string for the starting line.

2. Then you need to line some cups up in a line with a little gap in the middle of each cup ( you have to but the cups on a long bench and ten cups lined up also)

3. Then after that you have to get five balls in each cup and then if you don't you have to try and do it again until you get five in the cup.

4. After that you need to get the tennis rackets and the tennis ball and then bounce the ball on the racket 30 times without dropping the ball.

5.You have to sprint to the finish line but before you cross the finish line you have to let out five balloons then you can cross the finish line.

You have to finish the course and you have a timer whoever gets the least amount of time wins

What did you learn? (WALT) I learnt that I can make a game out of balloons, a roll of string, a stack of cups a racket and a tennis ball.

What was the task? We had to make up a game with five or 6 things and use at least 4 of them
Did you enjoy this task? I enjoyed this task because it was cool to think of a game and then use some random stuff so that was really fun.

What did you find difficult? I found trying to make a game with other things. Like to make up a game that was difficult.

vocab task

this is my vocab task for this week and it was a bit hard I needed some help but I got it and now I am finish. 

Tuesday, 11 September 2018




This week DIMC was hard and I think that I did good for my group norm my group norm is shar the pencil  but the thing is I did not even get the pencil but it was good here is my working out and the question.   

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Animation voice over.

Hi my name is Aaliyah this is my animation. This term I was learning how to move the body. How does the body move anyways? The body moves by how you eat healthy and how you sleep good. If you do not do that you will not get enough energy so you can play sports. I am playing this game because it makes me feel good.It makes me fit because I am running around everywhere and I eat good to.My animation is showing me playing rugby and I am moving my legs so I can run very fast…. I went and bent down and scored a trie.   

Thank you for watching and listening to my animation please leave a nice comment and have a good day.  


Monday, 3 September 2018

Wk 7 DMIC 1

This is my DMIC and it was really hard I did not know what I was doing but i hope I did well.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

TASK 4 point of view. of our photos.


Point of view of person taking the photo:

I wonder if they are OK. If they are not OK well I can see that because they look like they are about to cry. They are best friends I wonder if I could be there friend to so I am going to go over there and ask if they are OK.

Point of view of a person in the photo:

“Why is she being so nice she can be our friend right.” Yes she can she looks like she is so nice and she will be our new best friend because she looks like she will never ever let us down or tell our secrets.” look she is coming now.”


Wednesday, 29 August 2018


This is my DMIC for today and it was really really hard but we got there.   


Who is that crazy person taking photos of me? You are so tall you have four legs but you only stand on two. She looks like she is trying to steal my lambs! Go away! She probably wants to shave my nice warm coat, too! Why is she near my lambs? Get away from my lambs! I am going to frighten her with my biggest most scariest face ever so I can protected my lambs.




The mother sheep followed me along the path. Picking up her paste when she realised I was with in touch of distance of her lamb. She let out a loud lob let which ecoute across the patike. The sleeping lamb lifted its head and turned towards us before slowly returning to its sleep. As the sheep got closer and closer I thought whether I should turn and run I began to panic was she going to attack me. Holding my breath I forze I side as the sheep donged me and went protectively towards its lamb whew that was a close call.             

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

DMIC 1 wk 6

we did our DMIC and it was a bit hard but it was easy. we did 17 different combinations. IT WAS FUN HOPE YOU LIKE IT. 

Rolling Dice.

today I did an activity. it was fun we had to go on a online tool and we got to roll the dice that was on it. then after that we had to answer these question and boooooom done.  JUST TYPE THIS DONE ON GOOGLE

Monday, 27 August 2018


Dear Miss West, and Mrs . moala

Yes the beginning of the week is going good. I am trying to finish it of this week also so I can hopefully have some fun on friday.

But anyway I think that we can do a song or we can put a poster some were in that classes. Even better we can make a poster and put it all around in the classrooms with a song on it so if we forget the song we can always look at the song on the poster and we can sing it or just read it .

I just got one more idea I think we should do a poster and put steps on it like the poster that is in room 10 so they can show you step by step to wash your hands. But instead of washing our hands we can make one step by step filing making a copy finished and also publish so they know what to push. We can put pictures one it to so they know what to push.

I hope you use on of my ideas.

Many thanks



Thursday, 23 August 2018


        Yesterday I did a DMIC and it was a bit hard and Mrs. Moala helped us and her one is at the top. Than after that we had had a go our one is at the bottom.

peekhole Narrative


On one blinding morning Lydia and Hannah got up to go to school they are best friends. The cool thing is that they are Neighbours there is a tree in front of the window. Then they can climb on the tree and meet in the middle so they can talk and stuff.One day Lydia went on a trip with Hannah and there family “ I am so excited to see the cabin” Lydia said.A few minutes later they finally got to the cabin but next to the cabin was a glistening marble bench shining throw from the sunlight. Lydia’s and Hannah's family was so shocked it was beautiful but then the cloud covered the sunlight so then the bench was just a shiny marble bench it was still cool though.

They find a map
The next day they had an outstanding breakfast after that they were so full “lunch is also coming up to” said Lydia. After there breakfast Lydia and Hannah had a play outside the sun was so bright. But the clouds looked like it was going to rain but that did not bother them when they were playing they saw a dried out mountain and a dusty stone wall. Of course Hannah had to go and blow the dust of but it went everywhere in Lydia’s hair to so she just, went inside and had to go wet her hair but then Hannah found something that said “ you must find this map to lead you to this place so you can find out the secret that has been made.”

The mountain is a sparkly castle.

 Once they looked at the message they searched the house.                                                                                            

                           TO BE CONTINUED...                


Tuesday, 21 August 2018


       today I did a DMIC and t was a bit to easy and I think that it was so cool to. we had to switch up the colours into different orders.

Dances of the world


today I did a reading task and it was so fun we got to watch a video at the end it was so easy.

Monday, 20 August 2018

cyber smart footprint


this is my cyber smart footprint today I had to do a email to answer what miss west and what Mrs . moala said and that was pretty easy so hope they use my idea.

Narrative writing plan


this is my Narrative for this week. and I think that this will be really really fun and good. we are doing it about a peephole this is my planing for my writing.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Money Everywhere

this is my maths and when I did it I needed a bit of help put I got there at the end.

In Sync vocabulary task

today I have done a reading task I had to copy the first one but do it like this it was a bit easy but the last one was a bit hard. 

Movie Narrative

Once in a far away land there was a school called Point England. There are two children there names are Sauma and Angala. They were doing cybersmart messages but then sauma made a really really bad message she made someone sad from another school. The Teacher was very upset so she went to Pt England to have a word with the principal. Well the principal was sike that day so the Teacher met the other Teacher with Sauma and the other girl. They all got it sorted and Sauma said sorry the girl felt so much better after that.

After a while at Pt England school Sauma made another bad message the Teacher Miss. West was very cross with her so she had a word with her and her friend Angala was so mad.The next day Miss. West had a table and two chairs with Sauma’s and Angala’s chromebook on it, they felt surprised and a bit weird to. Then Angala ask Miss West what was going on she said that there is going to be a challenge with Sauma a cybersmart message challenge. “If you would like because your her friend to do the challenge with her” Miss. West said. “of course I would love to” said Angala. Then the second bell rang everyone was excited Miss. West explained and Sauma was so happy that she was going to win but she felt a bit scared because Angala is the nicest person on earth. How is sauma going to beat her. After a few minutes the challenge started everyone was excited but Sauma was not excited at all the challenge has started they, both found a school and found a person to comment on and found something they want to comment on the person's blog,they have started.

After a few more minutes they were finished, Miss. West looked at their message and she announced the winner. In a big surprise Sauma won she had a nice message for this little girl, but it is not like it is a real challenge Miss. West only did it because she knew that Sauma had a nice spot hiding in her. She did they all were very surprised Sauma and Angala they were best friends again they were doing cybersmart messages one day they were doing cybersmart messages and for now on before they send it they got to show Miss. West and then she will say if it is good.It has to have what they have to have in it like positive and thoughtful and last of all helpful. From then Sauma has been doing lots of good messages and she always puts what she needs to put in it.

Sauma was so happy That Miss. West did that challenge because now she can do nice and helpful messages on people's blogs. That means she is going to grow up to be a Helpful thoughtful and positive person.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Cybersmart footprint Quiz

Today I did a cyber smart Footprint Quiz. I think that it was so fun. I only got 6 maybe 7 wrong.  I got a total of 25.                       

Tuesday, 14 August 2018


this is my Dmic and I did not get the answer this was a very hard one for me but you will maybe get this right     

                THE QUESTION

Character Emotios


today I did a task and this book was fun to read this task was fun to do and this is way. 

Friday, 10 August 2018

six and best friends forever.

this is my reading task and I had to read to books to finish this task. and it was a bit easy the only thing that was hard was the first page but luckily my friend helped me.

MY Hauora poster

this is my Hauora poster so I had to do a poster about my life then make it all colourful and cool and stuff to make it look like a poster. BUT HOPE IT DOSE LOOK LIKE A POSTER.

Thursday, 9 August 2018


  this is my Dmic and it was really hard but we got through it we did not get an answer. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Narritive writing plan

this is my plane for my writing this week and we had to make it up by all of these choices.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018



 I did not get the answer but this one was a bit hard for me but I think that if someone help me and my group we would of got an answer maybe. 

this is the question. 

Monday, 6 August 2018

This is Hauora

Hauora is a maori word that describes a person's overall Health and well being. The four dimensions of Hauora are often displayed of the four walls of a whare,which provides ability and strength. The four dimensions are: Taha Tinana (Physical well-being or heath), Taha Hinengaro (Mental & Emotional Well -being or health or self confidence), Taha Whanau (are social well-being or Self esteem), Taha Wairua ( spiritual well-being or Personal believes.

Taha Tinana is Physical health, in my life I play lots of sports and I eat lots of vegetables.I love to play games and do lots of new things, I also love to do kapa haka.

Taha Whanau is social well-being, for my social health I do lots of sports so I do lots of fitness. Also I eat lots of vegetables and lots and lots of fruit. Also I go to bed at 6:30 and I get up and have some healthy porridge.

Taha Hinengaro I am scared of the dark but thats why I have a TV in my room so there is light. I am also scared before I do any performance and I get lots of butterflies in my tummy.

Taha Wairua is spiritual health, on christmas my family goes to my friends house and they are like my second family. They give us gifts and they are so cool they live at a house not that far from mine that house is like my second house.

In conclusion, Hauora is doing lots of sports that's what I do I play lots of sports. And Hauora is staying healthy and I am so so so healthy so I am so healthy and fit so that is good. THAT IS HAUORA!.  

Friday, 3 August 2018

dictation writing

this is my dictation the black is what I listened to. and the purple is what I fixed.

Hauora is a maori word that describes a person's overall Health and well being. The four dimensions of Hauora are often displayed of the four walls of a whare,which provides ability and strength. The four dimensions are: Taha Tinana (Physical well-being or heath), Taha Hinengaro (Mental & Emotional Well -being or health or self confidence), Taha Whanau (are social well-being or Self esteem), Taha Wairua ( spiritual well-being or Personal believes.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

putting ideas into our own words

this is my cyber smart I had to read a story and write it in my own words so hope you like it. 

Number knowledge

this is my maths I had to do lots of questions and pick one and show how I worked it out so here it is.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

my second DMIC

this is my second DMIC and this one was pretty cool and a bit easy and this is the first time I think that I used a number line by myself.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Immersion Assembly planing

    this term we had our first immersion Assembly and this is my planing for it. 

Immersion Assembly

On monday at the immersion assembly we had to get up and dance. Watch some movies and stuff like that I am looking forward for this term. We had an Immersion assembly because we want to know what we are going to do this trem. The name of this term’s inquiry is MOVE YA BODY.
Also team’s 4 movie was about fitness but they were not doing the real fitness. Like they were well they looked like they were by the camera angles. I thought that we were going to learn about how the body moves and do lots of fitness.

I knew that we were going to do cross country this term. Then I did not now that we were going to do like a beep test or something like that. I feel like that I need to have a good breakfast and I am going to be really tired.

I already know that we are going to do lots of fitness and we are going to dance a lot. I already know that this terms inquiry is Move Ya Body and that means we are doing lots of dancing and fitness. We are also are doing lots and lots and lots of running.

For this inquiry this term I am very very excited and a bit nervous too because like when I run I kind of twist my ankle. Sometimes it is like I broke my ankle but I didn’t but besides all that I am very excited. I would like to achieve the cross country and do my best and upgrade my score from last year.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

my first Dmic problem this term!

This term I did my first Dmic and I did it with Simon,Awhina . and we got the answer right it was a bit hard but we did it. The answer was 400.

Monday, 23 July 2018

team 4 animation


this is for my animation and this is what I will be doing and hopefully that is what you will see.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

sky diving

On saturday the 13th of Aug I went skydiving. I went to the SkyDiving stadium, when I was driving there with my friends I felt like this was going to be so fun. When I got there I still felt like it was going to be fun but then. It was a bit scary when I went in the plane I thought that it wasn’t going to be that high but then I was wrong. Then when we were ready to jump of the plane I was terrified but then once I went to the door I was so so so so so so scared like it looked cool when I was on the ground watching other people do it but me up in the sky flying of a plane at 33,000 feet.

Then I just jumped but first I closed my eyes and Imagined that I was falling into a marshmallow pit. Once I opened my eyes it was not that terrifying anymore the Parachute gave me a big fright thought. Then after that I loved it it was like going through candy land with all the candy floss as the, clouds when the smoke came out of the bottom of my shoe it gave me lots of thrust to get to where I was trying to go.

After all that I was so thankful that I did that because I am so scared of heights so that was very very very scary had I hope I don’t have to do that again.

Glider competition


We created gliders to do a competition. we had to make a glider to hold a lego man in or on it . This is all about what happened at the glider competition.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018



this my task and it was very hard at first but then I got the hay of it. :)

Monday, 2 July 2018

the day at the team 5 block.

today after morning tea I went to team 5 they were doing experiments. We had to go in 4 groups and go with one of the year 7 and 8 the four people in my group was me,Sauma,Zyla, and Luisa.first we all went to a table we had to build the tallest tower we can make less than on min. After that we went to the green room then they were to busy playing around that we didn't get to do that one. Then we had to go back to our class and do some more work, but that was fun even when we only did one I hope we do this again.  

Friday, 29 June 2018

DMIC problrm

this is my screencastify and this is my DMIC problem so hope you like it.

Friday, 22 June 2018

DMIC problem

this is my DMIC problem and I will tell you how I answer my problem. 

Thursday, 21 June 2018

voice over writing

Hi my name is Aaliyah. This is my animation and I am going to be showing you about forces and flight. The ball doesn't move on its own. Your energy makes it move then the ball goes far away. If you use less energy the ball will not go that far. While the ball is flying in the sky it means that gravity isn’t pulling the ball downwards. Gravity and the weight of the ball makes it act downward. Drag is the air acting in the opposite direction of the movement of an object. The thrust of the ball is the racket pushing the ball forward. The gravity makes things stay on the ground, and if there was no gravity acting on the earth then we would be floating. Hope you enjoyed it and please leave a comment.  

The Glider design

                         this is my glider and i will be able to get all the stuff that I need to make it.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

forces and flight animtion

This is my animation and I will be talking forces and flight.

The Mechanics of Movement

this is my reading I had to read a book and then find the answer to these questions in the book. hope I did good. 

Monday, 18 June 2018

Maths Survey Term 2

today we had to do a test but the hard ones I had to skip because it was a test.

Serious Circus Sums

this is my task it was a little bit confusing but easy it was fun to we are learning about time tables 

                                                                 HOPE YOU LIKE.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Matariki Day Recount

Last week on friday it was a normal morning with the assembly. Mr brut said something about Matariki that felt important to everyone. He said said that the people that pass there is people still coming that was important to some the morning when everyone was in there class getting ready to go to there activity for the day I was really nervous. I was doing arts and crafts in room 7 and 8.

We got to have a big assembly split in too. We only have that for the end of the term.

That was cool but we had to sit there before we got to go back to class and go to wherever we're going.there was the little kapa haka group and they sang a so good it was amazing. After that Mr Brut talked a little bit more about Matariki. Then there was the middle school kapa haka group I was in that group we did good we did amazing like the middle school group. The senior kapa haka group went after Mr Brut talked a bit more.

Miss Moran and Miss Parent were our teacher for the day we are doing arts and crafts.We had to wait for a little while then miss parent did the roll. After the roll I was so excited to get straight into arts and crafts because I love arts and crafts.

Miss moran told us what our first crafts was and it was a Matariki star. We had to get a little squared cardboard. After that we get a container and put it on the cardboard draw a circle. Then cut it out and use a pencil to draw twelve lines on the circle when you have done then cut the lines. Then after that we got some wool then threaded through the cut lines once your finished it will look like a star at the back.

Arts and crafts was so fun I can’t wait until the next matariki fun day I loved it. It was so fun because we got to do lots of things and get to make lots of stuff.

Manu Tukutuku follow up task

  this is my cross word and I did it my self I asked Simon to do my cross word and he said that it was a bit hard that is good.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Manu Tukutuku

this is my reading follow up task and I had to answer lots of Questions and got to draw a picture too.

                                                            HOPE YOU LIKE IT     

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Tunguska create task

this is my Mystery of Tunguska, task I had to make a video about how I thought what happened and put it in my own words and made a video. ENJOY 

my writing

Today we had to show what we can write when we have 40 min to write without talking to others.we were able to work quietly to complete the task.

Once a upon a time there was a farmer he had eight animals.He named them spirit the Donkey, Checalinda the cow, Lucky the bee,Snowball the rabbit,Hannah the first ruster,Angla the second rooster and last but not lest Moala and West the birds. One day Dave the farmer guy, he got an invitation to a animals party on wednesday, it was at the top of the sky tower in town. Dave packed his stuff and got everything he needs for all his animals, he was so excited so were the animals.

Spirit was not that happy like everyone else he wa happy inside thow. When Dave was driving on the way to town they were not the far from town it’s only a ten minute drive, from the farm. Suddenly they ran out of GAS!!! of course that Dave had an idea but it was a boring they had to walk they were almost there but they all got lost.Dave had to run as fast as he could to go back to the car and grab the map to where they are going. All the animals were so angry at Dave the to birds were flying around, the roosters were making a hole lot of noises, and snowball was bouncing around the rest of the animal were just sitting there. Finally Dave was back they all got there ten minutes before the party started but they all still had fun they we so tired but they got a ride home.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

The great airship craze of 1909


this is my airship video I was pretending to be one of the kids that got to see a airship the first time.


Friday, 1 June 2018

party to the max A two

 this is my maths I had to do a question and ask someone to work it out and this is what I did. 

The macaroni forest

 this is my reading activity and it is about a macaroni forest ENJOY.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Monday, 28 May 2018

2018 choose it narrative

This week on Saturday Dorothy is going to go on a hot air balloon she is so excited. Dorothy woke up early in the morning because it was that day she is going on a hot air balloon. Dorothy had everything packed for her trip. She was so happy that she was going on a hot air balloon but when she was on the hot air balloon and it lifted it of the ground. Dorothy just remembered she doesn't know how to put it down on the ground again.

When Dorothy was up in the sky she was so scared, but she thought about some happy thoughts. Dorothy knew that she was going to figure this out by herself her dad said to came home before dark .so she knew she didn’t have enough time so she was eating and thinking. Dorothy was scared it was almost dark she just thought that the balloons will pop but then she remembered that the balloons are helium they don’t pop. They only pop if you pop them so she remember through her food and all her stuff then she finally found a needle. Dorothy was popping the balloons one by one so she doesn't go down really really fast.

Suddenly the gravity was pulling the hot air balloon down to the ground. But the only thing was she did not land on her back yard. She landed at Henderson park luckily her house wasn’t to far away her dad was so worried, that she was never going to come back. But she came back of course she was so happy that she was back home also Dorothy's dad was to. The End!!!  

Friday, 25 May 2018

Tautai book

This is my reading and I read a book and I had to write Sam back.We had to draw a plane and label it so enjoy.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

cooking up a storm

this is my cooking up a storm Activity  and it was confusing but I ask a teacher and it helped me so thank you and enjoy.

(Miss West's and Mrs Moala's Experiment) Scientific Method



This week mrs Moala and miss west made a movie about a experiment and it was about which ball will hit the ground first. I already know that the big ball has more air then the little ball because the little ball is little so it has not so much air in it. Also the big ball is big so it has more air in it. And the force of the ball makes it go up and down.

What if you tape a another little ball on the little ball so it can have more air and bounce on the ground first. But also if you get the same two balls and but them at the same height drop them at the same time the big ball will came first.this is how you do the experiment first you get a friend and two balls little one and big one also two chairs. Hold out the two balls at the same height on the chairs then drop them at the same time, and lucky last do it again.

This is how you do the experiment first you get two balls one one big and one small. Then you get a friend and stand on a chair. After that hold out the balls at the same height then drop them and repeat it.

Like what I said before the little ball has less air and weight so it can fall faster the big ball has more air and more weight so it can fall slower but the little ball will win anyways. The little ball can also bounce more higher and the big one bounce not so high.

next mrs moala dropped the balls at the same time and both of them hit the ground at the same time because mrs moala is a human and she probably didn’t have the balls at the same height.

Monday, 21 May 2018


Today I did Tihi Mai Tuhi Atu blogs and this is all my comment on there blog.