Friday, 26 May 2017

the wing of maui's moa

this week we have been learning to read myths and we read a myth about the wing of Maui's moa and we made a moa on pixler and we had to put it on our activity and that was hared. So we did that and we had to type in the little squares and we had to type when did moas be extinct, and what you think about moas and why the maoris have hunted the moas.        

the Taniwha

I popped out of the long green grass into this little bay. And there was a lake next to it. And we were going to have a swim but it was to cold.  we didn't have a pair of clothes but we didn't do it anyways. So we played around and we were going to make a video because our friend bring a camera to make videos. Then we made a video that we are lost but we were not lost but it did feel like we were lost because it was so quiet and we watch movies like this.  

Then we heard a rattling noise in the long green grass and then a fierce creature popped out of the tall green grass and I thought that it will be a little tiny animal but it was not it had a really rough tail like sand paper. And one of my friends went up close and he saw its sharp broken grey teeth it was like a sharp broken knife . And we all saw his long pointy horns on his head it was like a rino and it went rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr like a big mama tiger looking after her kids. So we decided to go back home before the creature comes back.   

When we were going home we were watching the videos and we got the freaky creature on the video. And we put it on like a movie and it was just like a movie. Then we want to do it again but our friend doesn't want to go there again because of the freaky creature so we didn't leave him by himself  but we will go back again another day

Thursday, 25 May 2017

My reading summery

this morning I read two pages because we only had a little bit of time. And I think that Bella is going to get a dog now because it sounds like she is going to ask her mum and dad if they could have the dog. but I do not now and I think that there going to get it because the pet owner said that t he dog likes to run and there dad can run with him and I wonder what is going to happen next.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Adding tens and ones

this week we have been learning to add our tens I have done this last year. so I probably now all of them but                        I did lost of working today so I am really tired so I hope I got them                                                                                                          Right 

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Reading summery.

This was a really good part of the book. Bella went to pick one of the dogs but I didn't get to read if she got the dog yet. But it was so cool and we are so close to chapter 2. I wander what is going to happen next.  

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Adding tens and ones

this week we have been learning to add tens and ones. we have a question and in the first box we have to add our tens then in the second box we have to add our ones then in the last box we have to do our answer.                                                       HOPE I GOT IT RIGHT!!!!!
94+22= 116

waka voyage

I was running into this bay and I heard the squawking sea gulls were screeching loudly above my head, as the sea was calmly splashing against the sand, suddenly I heard the breeze pushing on the sale of the wakas.

I walked to the ocean and I saw my shadow shining against the sea. As the people were getting ready to voyage. I saw a group of ladies singing a really beautiful song.  And also saw some people polishing the waka so it looks beautiful when they voyage.

When I just saw a dog come out of the water it was the steinke's small i have ever smalt in my life,then I smalt something much more better than that dog, I smalt some yummy food I wanted to ask them if I can have some but I didn't do it. So I kept walking then I saw a big group of people were sing like those other ladies.

I saw a young boy standing there watching the wakas floating and splashing on the water and it looked like he was crying and I do not now why. Then I was dancing to the people's singing they were singing so loud that I could still hear them so I was dancing and dancing and suddenly I full over but luckily it was sand or it was going to hret. I hope I go there again.

Maori village

When I walked in I saw a old man he had white hair,and a white beard he was holding a baby. She had brown curly hair, and was wearing a white dress. Behind them there was a big pile of sticks and wood in front of a house. Then I just carried on walking when I was walking I  smelt smoke then when I looked down I saw some people they were making something for a hauie. I carried on walking I saw a big house that looks like a marie then when I was walking down there was a smaller Marie then I heard a big bird in the sky with his friends. I kept on walking and I saw another house all the way at the back. Then I saw a little bird on the pole on the fence I hope I go there again.

Maui's great fish

this week we were learning about Maui's great fish and we had to write a paragraph in each box and watch the movie and put what we have missed in red in each box and we finished          

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Silent Reading Summary

Today I read that Bella and Tom let there dad pick the dog but he wanted a grey hound because he likes running with dogs. But Bella said that " a grey hound a grey hound doesn't run for long". But then Bella  told a story about a grey hound and it was not nice then we stopped but I am nearly up to chapter 2.     

Friday, 5 May 2017


The pav watched the movie Tamarereti. We had to draw eight pictures they were Tamaereti, bay, beach, sky, Taniwha,waka,villageand the lake. wehen we were finished we had to start our animation.