Thursday, 23 March 2017

ompound sentences.

Simple Sentences:
Sally went to the movies. Sue stayed home.

Compound Sentence:
Sally went to the movies, and Sue stayed home.

In class this week we are making compound sentences. To do this we used FANBOYS.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

a work of art

On Tuesday Paua and Kina read A work of art there was a man that made art on the park but the art was alto of rubbish and there were kids who tided the art. 

after that we all watched a movie it was about two people that made a work of art in cite Auckland but then they got told to  put it down so they put it down. there names are Mr. Berthelson and seven sharp.

then Miss. oala said that we have to make an idea picture on our chrome books with our chrome book boxes. next we saw everyone's idea picture and everyone liked Madi Simon and Jane's sky tower so the next day we all went outside to make a sky tower we were allowed to do the windows with paper and at the some time we were making a video but when we were finished. We had to take it down then we started working.             

Monday, 20 March 2017

swimming day.

On wednesday room 12s maths group went to the GI pools. When we got there we had to wait for the littler kids to finish. When they were finished we took a shower then had to wait.

Then we hopped in the pool. But most of the people went in the little pool but me Zoe, Norah-Jade, Summa, Madison, and Jane, were in Jesus group so we went to the cold and deep pool we all hoped in the pool but all of the people just fell in the sparkly pool but i put my hand on the side and twisted in the   sparkly  pool. First we were learning how to do some moves  first  we scooped the ice-cream then put our hands together then pushed it out and the we did it.

Then we used a kickboard and did some swimming and some shocking  back shocking and      
then we did some swimming on our back. Then we had to go back to school and have some lunch.That was amazing I want to go in the cold and   sparkly pool again.

Friday, 10 March 2017

river talks

On Thursday the pav and the year 8s went  to a show called the river talks to learn about the river.  

The first thing we watched was. there was a man called Tamati he was in the tunnel in the river he was talking about him and Tamati had a face paint and some boots and a w sut. Then we moved over to the next piriformis there was a lady lying down on the ground and there was a lady sitting in a tyre and it looked like she was making a fire then she started to sing and the lady that was lying down she started to dance and there was rubbish bags tied to the lady that was dancing  the lady singing  was pulling the rubbish bags then Towards her they stopped what they were doing then they started to dance but slow dance.   

After that we moved to the next piriformis there were two ladies and a man. This was the cool part that those people were from real Tonga I forgot there name so I’ll just call them the Tonga people. Enough ways they sang us two beautiful songs. We didn't have to move course it was already there. There was a man there that was talking about the river then he took of to towels and one had a long baby eel and some fish. The next one  Mr.Vogt wanted three people so me Sivaenah and Nature had to hold the weta hotels.

The last piriformis was the cook Island drams and some people from each school had to dance Zoe Antzel and Michael danced they were amazing they were going crazy Pt.England school won then we had to go back to school.

I wish we can go back.      

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Weta hotels.

First, we put on our goggles gloves and protective shoes, and we cut the bamboo with a sharp saw. There were kids who cut and there were kids who painted the kids who cut had to cut the bamboo and then they had to put the bamboo on the table.
Then we had to wait for the paint to dry then Mr.Vogt went  outside and drilled some holes in the weta hotels.After that Mr.Vogt put some whyer in the top holeswere finish for river Talks.