Thursday, 24 March 2016

I can use full stops

Yesterday we went swimming and we walked to the pools. We had a shower and then we hoped in. The teacher said “ I want you to swim bake-sherok. With out a bod”. Then we had to swim like a mrmand.

Friday, 4 March 2016

The pool

  On one scorching hot day Aaliyah's aunt said “we are going to the pools. So we can cool down” So Aaliyah got her togs and they went to the pools. She was over the moon.                       

But Aaliyah's mum said “we have to take your cousin Ben because he loves swimming” and we picked him up and then we went to the poos. We got in the pool but then her cousin Ben said “I am going to go on the diving board” so he climbed up the ladder and then jumped down into the water and then he cut his chin because he did a flip and went to deep.

So my aunt helped me get a plaster we went home and got dressed and then we went to Mc Donald's for lunch. Aaliyah had a happy meal and Ben had a big mak. And Anna had a dig mark too and they had a icereme.