Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Immersion Assembly

On one sunny beautiful morning, after all the fun from the holidays we went back to school. And when I got there I saw all of my friends but we didn't have enough time to play, because the pav was already lining up. Once we got to the hall we sat down and we sat up so we could get stickers, people were  laughing because the teachers were dressed up that was funny. Suddenly MR. Burt and some other teachers started singing and it was about our theme this term MUSICAL MADNESS after the song Mr Burt was talking and talking and then we got started with team 1.

Team 1 they didn’t make a movie they played SNAP but the weird thing was they put on different music and they had different feelings, so what they were doing this term was how different music can connect with your feelings. After that Mr. Brut Yelled NOW IT IS TIME FOR TEAM 2 then team to started they sang a song buuut I don’t think you will no this song In the jungle the mighty jungle ,well for the truth I do not now what team 2 are doing .

team 3 made a video about a singing conversacion like really they were talking and using lyrics off songs. Team 4 made a funny video about singing in the car to make it funner in the car. Team 5 were sitting on the couch with a cup of popcorn and watched a movie called Lion king but they used different songs to make it scary and Funny.

The assembly was so fun and funny and a bit scary this term is going to be so fun.

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