Friday, 16 March 2018

practice problem

this is my week 7 practice problem. 120+ 80 is my number for this week and the answer is 200                             

camp writing

Camp camp camp camp is so FUN. Last week the year 5 and 6’s went on camp. Guess what I am a year 5 so last week I went to camp. It was only for three days. Wednesday, thursday and friday but it was amazing. We all were in groups with names. Most of them were about recycling, like the Rapid Recyclers I was in that group. And Tumeke to clean, Trash Bashers, Pollution police, Green machines, Kleen krushers. Our names are so cool. First of we had a big tent called a Marquee.That's where we had breakfast, lunch, and Dinner. When we first got to school, I mean camp we all went to the Marquee.Mr Goodwin he told us what our first activity was.The Rapid recycler went to the Killer zone first I am in that group we were versing the Green machine. The killer zone is like a course with water balloons and stuff. We did the course we lost but that's ok we had fun all the groups went back to the marquee to have lunch.They didn’t make lunch we brought our lunch from home. After that we went to the hall there was ping pong tables and a basketball hoop we had fun. We all went back to the Marquee Mr. Goodwin said that we could go and play on the playground most of us played on the baby playground when my group got called we got called because we were going to the pools. To play and have a shower when we got back to the school, we just sat in the Marquee and had a talk to wait for our dinner. IT WAS NACHOS YAAAAAAAAY I love nachos by the way my mum them to so you can tell I ate that like I never eat before ( I have I was just kidding). After that we all got into our pj’s because we were going in some peoples class to watch a movie we watched captain underpants it is a cool movie to watch. Straight after the movie finished we went to our tent and went to sleep.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

my problem

this is what I did this week I write a problem and I worked it out to find the answer.

the answer is: 88

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Friday, 2 March 2018

Pictographs and Bar Graphs


Today I did a pictograph and a Bar Graph on my slides hope you like it and hope I did it well.!!!!!

writing race

Today was meant to be the day of the picnic. Sadly, it was raining today which meant we couldn't go! Miss West had packed her hat,sunblock and towel.Hopefully we will get to go to the picnic later in the term as it is nice to go swimming and enjoying the sun at our very own beach!

Today my literacy class played a little game. it was a cool game we all had a partner and we had to use one of our Chromebook me and Nina my partner chose to use my chrome book so Miss West wrote a story on the TV and she turned it around we had to go behind and look what it said and go back to the chrome book and write it down.   

Thursday, 1 March 2018