Thursday, 18 October 2018



This is Addition and I had to answer some questions and show how I worked it out.
it was no hard but hard if you get what I mean but it was really fun doing this. HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

Recount a surprising day.

Last month, on the holidays, my eldest brother Carl and his son Taylor and I went out to do something cool. That was the beginning of the most surprising day of my life.

First, we were planning to go to Gravity but when we got there it had so many people, in there but we went inside and we had a look. After we had a look we went back to the car and went somewhere else. We went to another Gravity but we had a look inside and there was just to much people there, so we went back to the car.A few minutes later we got to Jump but unfortunately we did not get to go inside and have a look so we just turned around and went to Clime Zone there wasn't that much people in there so we stayed and did some climbing. First me and Taylor went on a easy one but after that we went on one that was a bit harder. We were, having lots of fun but Taylor we went on one that we could not get of he climbed up it then we went back up again and again.After a few minutes we were very tired but we had a play on the bounce castle then went back home and had something to eat and have a rest but it was a fun day.

I had so much fun but I really wanted to bounce on the trampoline but that is OK. I had lots and lots and lots of fun at Climb Zone but That day was so surprising.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

My first DIMC this term.

This is my first DIMC this term. it was hard for me and my group we were struggling.Then we finely got the answer.  

cave drawings Animation

this is my animation plan. we are drawing a cave drawing. we had to pick a animal and a country. HOPE YOU LIKE.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Intro to Term 4 Writing - planning and writing doc.

Kia ora, Malo lelei, Talofa and welcome back to my blog. It is term 4. The name of this term’s inquiry is Te wā toi (art time). This term I think we are going to be doing lots and lots of art. I know for sure that we are going to be doing lots of painting and drawing. I feel a bit nervous about the inquiry topic because I think I am a really bad drawer and painter. I already know that we are going to be doing lots of cool things like painting and drawing and stuff like that. I am finding maths kind of difficult and I am going to try to work on that this term. I am going to try to practise more maths at home so I can overcome my challenges.  I am going to achieve my maths and I want to be better at it. I also try and get better at art. My teachers can help me with my maths even when I ask them one thousand times. I think that this term’s inquiry is going to help me with my art and my drawing even though I am really really bad at those things. I’m excited for this term and I’m going to try to do better at my art and that is exciting for me. I am a bit nervous because I am going to do lots of drawing and painting so that is a bit scary.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

clara's cowpat's

       This is my maths and I did clara's cowpats and it was easy we had to answer some question's and her is the link to the questions.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

DIMC 2 inside wk 9

                             this is my DMIC for this week and we had to look at the letters on the paper. and find out the message we had lots and lots of fun and we were working together.  The message was move your body.