Wednesday, 17 May 2017

waka voyage

I was running into this bay and I heard the squawking sea gulls were screeching loudly above my head, as the sea was calmly splashing against the sand, suddenly I heard the breeze pushing on the sale of the wakas.

I walked to the ocean and I saw my shadow shining against the sea. As the people were getting ready to voyage. I saw a group of ladies singing a really beautiful song.  And also saw some people polishing the waka so it looks beautiful when they voyage.

When I just saw a dog come out of the water it was the steinke's small i have ever smalt in my life,then I smalt something much more better than that dog, I smalt some yummy food I wanted to ask them if I can have some but I didn't do it. So I kept walking then I saw a big group of people were sing like those other ladies.

I saw a young boy standing there watching the wakas floating and splashing on the water and it looked like he was crying and I do not now why. Then I was dancing to the people's singing they were singing so loud that I could still hear them so I was dancing and dancing and suddenly I full over but luckily it was sand or it was going to hret. I hope I go there again.


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  2. I like the way how you used a lot of descriptive words, well done, Aaliyah. Sounds like a beautiful place to be, I wanted to go there.