Thursday, 16 November 2017

choose a narrative

On one snowy cold day Ella and her friend Olivia went to go ice skating. So they got all their warm clothes on then they went of into the snow. When they got there there was sign it said ice tree it was the name of the park but they were not sure about something because there were no people. Usually there are lots of people maybe they are not allowed to ice skate.there was another sign next to it so they read it, it was all about the children and adults that were ice skating and died,The only thing was they didn't go back home.
They walked to this big mountain and then Ella she was going to climb it. Olivia was so scared she didn’t go up after her because she was a scaredy cat. Ella held on to this big ice stick but then the top started to rumble So Ella held 0n to another ice stick then the whole thing started to fall it landed on Ella then she fall all the way done to the ground.


Olivia did not have time to call she freezes her hands to try and dig her out. On the corner of her eye Olivia saw a big track it had spades and shovels so Olivia stopped the track and asked him to help her dig Ella out of the snow. It was so scary but we found her and took her fast to the car to warm her up we rushed to the hospital. After a few days we found out that Ella was ok her parents were so happy so they took her home and lived life.

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