Thursday, 11 January 2018

Recount Week 2, Term 4

My earliest memory was a few years ago when I was five or six.This happened at my house in the lounge. My brother Carl and my other brother Michael were there also Carl's partner Angel.
My brothers Carl and Michael were play fighting. I was watching TV so I wanted to have a drink I went to the kitchen and had a drink. Then after awhile Carl and Michael got the boxing gloves and trained or something like that.That was that. I also wanted to have a drink again but of juice I but my juice on the cane cabinet and then I watched some more TV.After a few minutes I wanted to go and sit next Angel I wasn't watching were I was going, I was walking straight through my brothers training if you want to call it that. Then I just got hit on the side of my face. POW that hurt it was so painful and Carl did but of course he said sorry. Other than that the day was fun.

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