Friday, 27 July 2018

Immersion Assembly

On monday at the immersion assembly we had to get up and dance. Watch some movies and stuff like that I am looking forward for this term. We had an Immersion assembly because we want to know what we are going to do this trem. The name of this term’s inquiry is MOVE YA BODY.
Also team’s 4 movie was about fitness but they were not doing the real fitness. Like they were well they looked like they were by the camera angles. I thought that we were going to learn about how the body moves and do lots of fitness.

I knew that we were going to do cross country this term. Then I did not now that we were going to do like a beep test or something like that. I feel like that I need to have a good breakfast and I am going to be really tired.

I already know that we are going to do lots of fitness and we are going to dance a lot. I already know that this terms inquiry is Move Ya Body and that means we are doing lots of dancing and fitness. We are also are doing lots and lots and lots of running.

For this inquiry this term I am very very excited and a bit nervous too because like when I run I kind of twist my ankle. Sometimes it is like I broke my ankle but I didn’t but besides all that I am very excited. I would like to achieve the cross country and do my best and upgrade my score from last year.

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