Monday, 24 September 2018

make your own game.

You need a rugby ball and some sport shoes. So you can play this game.

You can play this game outside on a court or on a field.

You need two groups with 4 people in each group.

My game is a Competition and a Cooperation game because there are two groups competing and in your group you are working together.

First You have to get the rugby ball and then get two teams ready to play.once you did that you can start play

Then you have to tap the ball on your foot and then run up.

After that if you get taped you can throw the ball into the sky and then you can run again but remember be kind and share the ball.

After you know that you can that stuff you can not kick the ball and then run up and get a trie

Now you have ten tuches and just have fun.

Try to get to the line so you can get a trie

What did you learn? (WALT) I learnt that I can make up a game and I hope that it will be cool

What was the task? We had to make a game any game with anything that you can think of.

Did you enjoy this task? Yes because we got to make a game and we can play this when we are outside and it is cool

What did you find difficult? I found thinking of a game that I can make so that was a bit difficult.

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