Friday, 1 September 2017

trip to Romeo & Juliet

Today I have been chosen to go on a bus with some friends called Valessa and Sauma to see Romeo & Juliet the ballet. Lets start from the begging so we went to room 21 and ate some of our food because we were not going to bring our bags with us, so after we all ate we went on this bus once we were in there and sat down everybody saw that there was seat belts and there was two TV's and you can even put your chair down that bus was the most coolest bus I have ever been in. I said to my friend ''that I hope we go in this bus when we go back to school'' when we got there we all jumped out of the bus and we all lined up and we walked to the building and we went inside and sat on the ground in front of a big TV and waited to get in the theatre, once we got in the theatre we sat on a set and waited again but then it finely started and they talked talked talked and talked some more and then they showed us the costumes and then they started.The then they started fighting then the prince came and stoped them then they danced then they Juliet's family and a dance and that's when Romeo& Juliet met and they kissed yes it was real that gave me the heby jebys then when it finished we went out and waited some more for there was lots of waiting there was then our bus came and i got to sit at the front once we got to school we got our bags and went home it was a long trip.      

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