Friday, 9 June 2017

Orienteering Recount


In the morning on Tuesday we did orienteering. Orienteering is when you follow a map, we had to buddy up with somebody and I buddies up with Nora-Jade and we got our first. We did number 4, we  had to find a I  we had to go in the sludgy wet dirt and I almost slipped but I didn't. And then we had to clip our paper to the clip stick that was stuck in the ground, but  we had to face the map to north the whole way and it was like a  adventure. We had to find a,I, L,p and q and h, but me and Nora-Jade we had to stick together like glue every time we are on the next letter and we did a muddy adventure.

We had to go to Iren to get another map and the next one was number 3.  While we were looking for our letters we got our shoes all slimy and dirty and the wet soggy grass went into my shoe and got my socks wet. All day I had my socks wet and that was not good for me.We  only got to do 3 and 4 we had numbers on our paper clip and we were going to do number 2 so we didn't do it put we did 3 and 4 then luckily we did something. But it was fun and we did good job at it to and the wed thing that one was on the junior block and when we had to clip the paper on it was hard because it was tide on a pole.

That was so fun and now my shoes are so dirty I was going to go in the classroom but I did not do the I will get in big trouble. When I was working my legs were so sore of running around.

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