Friday, 30 June 2017

what to do some bombs

Riding up to the old man Tom took of his t-shirt and said’’Let's do some bombs. So he pulled up his pants and said’’ Yeeeeeeeee Yaaaaaaaa’’ and made an echo then jumped off the rocky cliff and did a big splash. When he did that big splash he made the old man drop his ice-cream.  

Beside the old man was Tom sitting on a rock and then he said’’ go and do a bomb’’ the man said’’ No thanks I am too old for that’’ “My Nan can do a bigger bomb than all of us.’’ The man got angry and and said  “YOU WANT A BOMB I WILL SHOW YOU A BOMB.’’

Powerfully god jumped into the water and did a back flip and splashed in the water and he flipped and came back up to the rock and made a earthquake when he landed.  ***Tom said  “Your god.’Yes I am god” Tom was like wow that is so cool’ “Yes I am, do you want the ice-cream with the sprinkles and the chocolate flake?” “Hoooooooooo ya lets do that.’’    

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