Friday, 4 August 2017

Immersion Assembly

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First while everybody was waiting we all were steering at the stars on the roof.Suddenly all the lights turned off then everybody started screaming. After a while there was a UFO on the ground,  it flew all the way to the stage and everybody stopped screaming. Mr. J thort there was aliens in it but there was not just one big alien, there were two big aliens and they were walking around the stage but Mr.J and Mr Samalive saved the day with their lightsabers and they killed them (it was fake by the way).After that Mr.Bert came in he “wasn't that cool” the school answered him and said”YES”next Mr.Bert talked and talked.   

After all the aliens and talking it was time for TEAM 1 so we watched the video that they made, and of course it was about space because this term we are learning about space any way.Once we were ready to watch the movie it turned on there were 6 loving teachers then they each flew out to space they all went to different places.After awhile they started missing their children so they all went back to school. Later when the movie was finished Mr.Bert came back he said “how cool was that”. Mrs Hockley came out to tell us what Team 1 is doing.They are learning about Sun,Mars,Moon.

Soon when Mrs.Hockley was finish talking, it was time for team 2. So Mr.J  turned the movie was not a movie it was a song with the teachers in space they were so funny it made some people laugh and it made me laugh to. During the movie me friend Heimata came late so she sat next to me. And I missed the rest of the movie but it ok if I missed it. When the movie was finished Mr.Bret loved the movie so did we, but then Mrs. Nolder was going to talk to us about what they're doing,so there learning about the sun and moon.

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