Friday, 4 August 2017

writing sample

On one beautiful morning there was a astronaut called Tom and he was getting ready to boost out with adventure in his rocket ship.Tom is ready to blast into space. He did the countdown 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2.1  BLAST OFF Tom was out of Earth and saw the satellite Tom almost crashed into it but he didn't ,he landed on Mars when he landed and jumped out he saw a three eyed alien popping out of the hole he looked very angry. Tom look left then saw a three headed alien coming out and Tom  grabbed a rock and threw it to the alien but the alien coat it and eat it when eat it he then turned gray like that rock Tom threw,Tom was over with Mar so he got back into his space ship and went to Jupiter  on Jupiter there was a alien party going on there were oring ones and there were purple ones and all these other ones to so Tom hopped out of his spaceship and he danced and danced till he couldn't dance no more.

So when it was time to go to another planet he jumped into his spaceship and flew of to the moon.On the moon there were no aliens there were no parties but there were other astronauts and one lonely alien that popped out when Tom saw the lonely thing he said to himself “I'm going to find the aliens mother” So he went to Jupiter again to see if he can find anyone how is sad and looked like a mother that lost a alien when Tom looked up  he saw a lady alien that was crying so hard like they a baby alien so  he thort that that was his mother so he went to the moon and grabbed the baby and went back to Jupiter when got back to Jupiter he   gave the baby to the mummy alien and she stopped crying and gave Tom a big hug and aliens are slimey so he got slimed. He is over with all the alien staff so he boostered out to Earth.So he went home and tolled everyone his story.

When he was finished telling his story they watched a movie.  The movie was similar to Tom’s  adventure and he said”I want to go back again one day because it was fun also I had a party with some aliens.”

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