Friday, 15 September 2017

My what if planet

In the solar system there has to be a fun and different planet somewhere ,and here is what I think of it.There's a Christmas planet ha ha ha ha that's funny my birthday is on the Christmas month,  it has candy cans for trees and mistletoe's for laves and there is a snowman in the middle next to a gingerbread. And it snows only if you find the right tree or should I say candy cane tree so find the right one and then press the button, magic snow goes everywhere some other candy cans have cool buttons like if you find one there will be a pool appearing out of the ground and when you walk near the edge and then togs will came right on you. Well there is one more tree I mean candy cane press the button then a cool as trampoline comes out of the ground and it is kind of like Jump you can have Snow, Pool, and Jump it is so cool I hope I can go there one day.

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