Friday, 17 August 2018

Movie Narrative

Once in a far away land there was a school called Point England. There are two children there names are Sauma and Angala. They were doing cybersmart messages but then sauma made a really really bad message she made someone sad from another school. The Teacher was very upset so she went to Pt England to have a word with the principal. Well the principal was sike that day so the Teacher met the other Teacher with Sauma and the other girl. They all got it sorted and Sauma said sorry the girl felt so much better after that.

After a while at Pt England school Sauma made another bad message the Teacher Miss. West was very cross with her so she had a word with her and her friend Angala was so mad.The next day Miss. West had a table and two chairs with Sauma’s and Angala’s chromebook on it, they felt surprised and a bit weird to. Then Angala ask Miss West what was going on she said that there is going to be a challenge with Sauma a cybersmart message challenge. “If you would like because your her friend to do the challenge with her” Miss. West said. “of course I would love to” said Angala. Then the second bell rang everyone was excited Miss. West explained and Sauma was so happy that she was going to win but she felt a bit scared because Angala is the nicest person on earth. How is sauma going to beat her. After a few minutes the challenge started everyone was excited but Sauma was not excited at all the challenge has started they, both found a school and found a person to comment on and found something they want to comment on the person's blog,they have started.

After a few more minutes they were finished, Miss. West looked at their message and she announced the winner. In a big surprise Sauma won she had a nice message for this little girl, but it is not like it is a real challenge Miss. West only did it because she knew that Sauma had a nice spot hiding in her. She did they all were very surprised Sauma and Angala they were best friends again they were doing cybersmart messages one day they were doing cybersmart messages and for now on before they send it they got to show Miss. West and then she will say if it is good.It has to have what they have to have in it like positive and thoughtful and last of all helpful. From then Sauma has been doing lots of good messages and she always puts what she needs to put in it.

Sauma was so happy That Miss. West did that challenge because now she can do nice and helpful messages on people's blogs. That means she is going to grow up to be a Helpful thoughtful and positive person.

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