Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Playing Ki o rahi

Today Rm 5 versed Rm 1 at ki o rahi. ki o rahi is a fun game that we learnt about last week for our reading. It was so fun playing ki o rahi my team won both of our games. Ms. Va'afusuaga and Tyson were referring the two games that were going on. one game was on the court near team five and the other game was on the netball courts. They split us up into four different teams. Two teams played each other and the other two teams played each other. The teams that lost would verse each other and the teams that won would verse each other. There are two rounds in each game. In the first half one team in Defence and the other team is attack, then in the second half they switch. Ki o rahi is a mix between ripper and netball and lots more different games mixed into one. If you want to play ki o rahi you have to be really good at catching the ball. 

1 comment:

  1. Kia Ora Aaliyah,
    i pai koe ki taau kupu ko ia te pai e pai ai au ki te whakaahua i to mahi i roto i tenei e pai ana au ki te pehea i pai ai koe i a au e pai ana ki te wikitoria o au kemu katoa a Ki O Rahi he nui.

    Kia Ora Aaliyah,
    you did well I like your word it is the best I like how you describe what you did in this I like how you did this I like how you won all your games of Ki O Rahi it is great.