Monday, 28 May 2018

2018 choose it narrative

This week on Saturday Dorothy is going to go on a hot air balloon she is so excited. Dorothy woke up early in the morning because it was that day she is going on a hot air balloon. Dorothy had everything packed for her trip. She was so happy that she was going on a hot air balloon but when she was on the hot air balloon and it lifted it of the ground. Dorothy just remembered she doesn't know how to put it down on the ground again.

When Dorothy was up in the sky she was so scared, but she thought about some happy thoughts. Dorothy knew that she was going to figure this out by herself her dad said to came home before dark .so she knew she didn’t have enough time so she was eating and thinking. Dorothy was scared it was almost dark she just thought that the balloons will pop but then she remembered that the balloons are helium they don’t pop. They only pop if you pop them so she remember through her food and all her stuff then she finally found a needle. Dorothy was popping the balloons one by one so she doesn't go down really really fast.

Suddenly the gravity was pulling the hot air balloon down to the ground. But the only thing was she did not land on her back yard. She landed at Henderson park luckily her house wasn’t to far away her dad was so worried, that she was never going to come back. But she came back of course she was so happy that she was back home also Dorothy's dad was to. The End!!!  

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