Friday, 11 May 2018

Immersion Assembly

Today was the first day of term 2 at Pt england school. We went to the hall for Immersion Assembly with the all the teachers and all the students,at 9.o'clock in the morning. Immersion Assembly is when all the friends and teachers can say “Hi”, also mr Burt can see all of us. Also Immersion Assembly is for like what we are all doing this term. Like team 1,2,3,4,and 5 can find out what they are going to be learning this term.

First of all Mr Burt Announced team 1, Then a movie started playing. After the movie Mrs Hockly came out and started to talk she said “ this is team team 1 is going to be learning how to move big and heavy objects, with different things.” At last it was time for team 2 Instead of a movie they did a act, after there funny act mrs Gaston said.” This term team 2 is going to learn how to move things by different ways, like pushing and pulling” we all had a laugh then it was time for team 3. They made a funny and cool movie they were swinging and and going down the slide.Miss King came up and she said “ this trem team 3 is learning how the body moves in different ways.”

Later on it was time for team 4 that is my team the video came on and after the video Mr Goodwin started to talk. “ This trem team 4 is going to be learning how to make things fly in the sky, and this is going to be what is going to happen.” they made a flying thing they Launched it of the stage but it didn’t make it. Finally it was time for the last team team 5 they did tug -of - war it was funny. They are going to be learning how to do difficult things..

In the end everyone was happy and full of laughter as they left the hall. It was so funny and fun. Thank you for reading my writing. And leave a comment please.

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